Filling capping labeling series

Filling Capping Labeling Series

Filling capping labeling series is an explosion proof production line which consists of bottle unscrambling machine, ex-proof filling machine, ex-proof screwer / capper and labeling machine. It is designed to meet the needs of various industries like cream, alcohol and kerosene etc.

The whole system works using PLC based control and motorized arrangement. Its rotary bottle feed system is Filling capping labeling series very fast and accurate.

Cap placing and bottle movement

Automatic bottle filling capping labeling production line is specially designed for small capacity liquid products such as shampoo, soap, perfume and laundry detergent. It is equipped with IR sensors and water pump to control the bottle movement during liquid filling process. After the bottles are filled, they will be transported towards cap placing and capping station automatically. The caps will be pressed on the bottles and tightly sealed by a motorized arrangement.

The bottles will then be conveyed to the labeling and coding machines for further processing. The labels will be applied on the bottles and printed with product information and expiry date. The coding is done by laser printing technology, which ensures high accuracy and stability. The machine can also be equipped with online shrink tunnel or inkjet printer to complete the packaging process.

Capping is a crucial process in the manufacturing of bottles. The capping machinery seals the caps and tamper-proof locks onto the bottles, which is an important function to prevent theft of valuable pharmaceutical products.

The capping machines come in different sizes and shapes depending on the size of the bottle, its diameter and height, as well as the type of cap. There are one-sided or double-sided machines that apply labeling to flat surfaces and cylindirical capping machines that apply the labels to cylindrical surfaces.


SP offers a full range of aseptic liquid filling, capping and labeling machines. Each machine provides the dependable sterility and high accuracy demanded by the pharmaceutical industry. All models are fully integrated with a capping head, making them the complete solution for bottle filling, stoppering and labeling of oral and ophthalmic bottles, vials, syringes or cartridges. Once the Filling capping labeling series machine has dispensed the product into its test tubes, they are transferred to a labeling station where they are horizontally positioned and placed onto the infeed conveyor of the machine with a two-axis robotic pick & place device.


Depending on the size and complexity of the capping application, there are many different solutions to choose from. Often, customers will ask for a lot of variety in their machine, which can create some Filling capping labeling series challenges when trying to find the right solution. Rate, delivery, speed, price and variety all need to be factored in.

A common example would be a customer who needs to be able to do a variety of different types of caps on their bottles, including flip-tops and screw-ons. In this case, it may not be possible to fit all of these cap styles onto a single labeler. Instead, the machine could be designed to do one or two types of caps on a bottle and then use a separate rotary capping machine to finish the rest.

Another thing to consider is the machine output rate – the higher the rates, the more changeovers will be required and the cost of different change parts can start to add up. In addition, a variety of sensors can be used to validate the torque on the cap to ensure that it is being screwed on correctly and not too loose or tight.


The i-Dositecno aseptic filling series of machines offers a choice of models to cover a range of oral and ophthalmic bottles, vials, syringes and cartridges. All provide the dependable sterility and accuracy essential to pharmaceutical production.

The system can be used for factory automation integrating the processes of filling, capping and labeling into one smooth flow production line. It features multiple memory parameters that are easy to access and quick to set; it is also flexible for label dispensing selection: single or dual, or even single-side dispensing.

The RF Series robot can automate and streamline manual bottle or vial filling, tipping, capping and other labor-intensive operations in one precise and affordable bench top package. It can be equipped with a Biner Ellison RC Series capper or a Labelette HG Labeler, which will index labels, feed them, transfer adhesive and accurately apply a paper label to a round product.