seg fabric lightbox

SEG Fabric Light Box

The Fabric SEG light box uses silicone edge graphics that back-lit by perimeter LED lighting for a modern frameless look. These displays are often used for fashion retail environments, museums and tradeshows.

They are installed by inserting the silicone strip sewn into the fabric graphic into a small channel on the aluminum frame extrusion. The fabric is stretched tight resulting in a drum-tight image that is lit evenly from behind.


Backlit fabric lightboxes are an excellent way to illuminate products and brands in retail environments. They can be used in malls, chain stores, exhibition centers, auditoriums, food joints, and many other types of businesses. These displays are ideal for showcasing clothing and other fabrics, as well as products. They can also be used to display branding and company logos. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They are also easy to install and connect to a power bar.

Frameless SEG fabric light boxes provide a sleek frameless appearance that looks upscale and is ideal for fashion brand advertising and signage. They are made from a special tension fabric with a silicon edge sewn into the edge of the print. This is then pushed into the SEG channel on the aluminum frame. This type of light box can be wall mounted, free standing, or ceiling suspended. It can also be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, including curved or cubes.

Another benefit of frameless SEG fabric light boxes is that they are much lighter than rigid media, making them more portable and easier to transport. They also offer the flexibility of changing graphics without having to remove or re-install the entire frame. This is a huge benefit for companies that change their advertising or branding materials often. You can see these kinds of light boxes all over the world in retail shops, airports, hotels, car showrooms, and corporate offices.


SEG Fabric Light Boxes are popular for displaying vividly lit, top-quality dye sublimated graphics and messages. These light boxes come in a wide range of sizes and orientations and can be used in retail spaces, malls, trade shows, or even for home use. They offer a sleek, modern look that is attractive to shoppers and can help brands stand out from the competition.

Slightly more expensive than Snap Frame light boxes, SEG frames are designed with a durable LED lighting system that illuminates your fabric printed graphic. These frames are able seg fabric lightbox to be redesigned in the future, which is important for businesses that change their signage frequently. They also have a slim design that is unobtrusive and will lay flat on the wall.

The latest visual display trend is backlit fabric light boxes, which feature large format, vibrant graphics that catch a viewer’s attention. These light boxes are ideal for high-end fashion and apparel retailers, as well as restaurants and hotels. They are a great choice for events, such as fashion shows and trade fairs, where you want to showcase your brand’s image in a visually stimulating way.

The SEG frames are made of lightweight aluminum modular hardware and a premium, wrinkle resistant, backlit TriFab opaque heavy stretch fabric. These fabric graphics are printed in-house using the dye sublimation process, which ensures that your graphic mural is both wrinkle and fade resistant.


Fabric light box wall displays have become a popular tool for companies and brands to highlight their messaging in retail stores, corporate offices, health and medical facilities, exhibits and trade shows. These displays use a combination of LED backlit fabric graphics and high-resolution printing to create an attention-grabbing display that can help capture the eyes of onlookers.

Unlike traditional backlit signage, fabric SEG displays are energy efficient and feature a unique durable LED lighting technology that uses fewer power sources. This helps businesses cut costs by reducing the number of bulbs needed and can also reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the lightweight frame is easy to transport and assemble and can be set up on almost any surface, including floors, walls or ceilings.

SEG Fabric Displays are available in both single-sided and double-sided options and can accommodate various sizes and shapes. The LED panels used in these displays can be angled and dimmed to ensure that your message is visible from all directions. They are also available in a variety of colors to complement the graphics.

SEG Fabric frames are made of polyester or polyester-blend fabrics and are treated to enhance printing quality. They are durable and resistant to wrinkling. Their silicone edges are pressed into a groove surrounding the frame, making them simple to install and swap out. They are also a cost-effective option for companies that need to refresh their signage frequently.

Easy to install

Fabric light boxes combine LED lighting with stretch fabric graphics to create an eye-catching display. They are a great solution for retail displays, trade shows, and corporate offices. Their durable design makes them easy to install and can be easily changed. The LED lights illuminate the fabric graphic, highlighting key messaging and making it stand out from your competitors. Companies from small independents to large brands use fabric lightboxes in their locations to attract customers and make a lasting impression.

SEG light boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including double-sided. They can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended, or free-standing. They can also be used as a backdrop or for seg fabric lightbox backlit signage. In addition, they can be incorporated with a wide variety of accessories to enhance their visual impact.

Frameless SEG Fabric Light Boxes are a sleek, sophisticated option for backlit graphics. The silicone finished edges of the fabric are fit into a recessed groove around the perimeter of the frame, giving them a “frameless” appearance. They are ideal for fashion brand advertising and signage in retail stores, healthcare facilities, trade shows, and art galleries.

When installing SEG graphics, be sure to distribute the fabric tension evenly. Otherwise, you may end up with creases or rumples in the graphics. The best way to avoid these problems is to start at one corner and work your way around the display. This will ensure that the silicone edge is evenly stretched out and secures to the frame.